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Kartoffeln (Gemüse)

      The best thing of our potatoes cannot be shown here: its flavor.

Producto: Potato (for fresh consumption).

     Varieties: Kennebec (white), Red Pontiac (red) y Agria (yellow).
           Kennebec                           Red Pontiac                            Agria

      Calibers: We have got an ample range of calibers, since we packaged on demand. < 45mm, 45-85 mm, > 85 mm.
Normally we can provide potatoes from the 15 of August to the 30 of May.

           Package: Bags from 2 kgs to 10 kgs/stock market. 
           Packing: Cardboard boxes of 40 kgs until palets of 1200 kgs. 
    Every shipment is fully protected with cardboard to avoid possible contamination during transport.

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