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By our climate, we produce big caliber onions with hard meat and smooth taste.

   Product: Onion (dry).   

  1.- Medio Grano 
                                     2.- Grano de Oro (Recas)

       1.-Medio Grano:        
  Of hard meat and slightly spicy. It is very appropriate for the summer,  good for storage and resist hot temperatures.  Just harvested has a off-white aspect, after some days it acquires a more intense color. Harvesting period: 1-31 July.
           Calibers: 60-80 mm and +80 mm 
           Calendar: We make shipments from half of July to September. 

         2.- Grano de Oro:             
  It is well-known among the varieties of long cycle. Of spherical form, it has a yellow golden to reddish copper colour. Of high cooking value and also for all type of uses. Stored dry and aerated it is conserved until April. Harvesting period: Septiembe to October.
           Calibers: 60-80 mm and +80 mm
           Calendar: Shipments from September to April.

For both varieties, we have the following types of packages and packing:

    Package: Nets from 2 kgs to 10 kgs/net.

    Packing: Cardboard boxes of 40 kgs until palets of 1100 kgs/palet.
   Every shipment is fully protected with cardboard to avoid possible contamination during transport.

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